To make the loans more expensive in your country – see how to do it

“Loans are way too cheap in Belgium,” it recently sounded on the presentation of the half-yearly figures of Infra Bank. Will the Good credit soon make the loans more expensive? Anyone taking out a loan today can do gold business. For example, it is possible to take out a 25-year home loan at a fixed […]

Will housing loans become more expensive in 2019?

  The rates for housing loans remain particularly favorable to this day, although interest rate hikes are on the horizon. Will housing loans become more expensive in 2019 and is it worthwhile to take out a housing loan quickly? Until today, you can take out a housing loan on particularly favorable terms. The interest rate […]

Credit insurance: what is that, actually?

Insurance policies do not only exist against accidents, theft and accidental damage to people and property. Debts can also be insured. With credit insurance, also known as residual debt insurance, debtors or the bereaved are rid of all worries. The risks of death, unemployment and incapacity to work can be covered with credit insurance. The […]