Credits without registration fee

Everyone wants to borrow as cheaply as possible. After all, nobody likes to pay more than they can. And when it comes to loans, their cost consists of two parts.

Interest and registration fee

Interest loan

We have already introduced low-interest loans, so now we want to introduce credits without registration fees.

These are instant credits that do not require a down payment, which you usually have to pay when you sign up. Sometimes this is just a way for the creditor to verify the customer’s identity. In other cases, however, it can be an additional source of income. It is in such situations that the customer begins to look for credits without registration fees. After all, borrowing a few euros for registration alone is unbearably expensive.

But first, let’s try to look in more detail at the reasons why a credit registration fee is charged. After that, we will discuss some ways to find the best and cheapest credits. Let’s just start off by saying that loans without credit checks – if they are granted – will be much more expensive. Moreover, they are rarely granted without any registration fees. Therefore, those who do not want your credit checked will have to give up the idea of ​​borrowing cheaply.

However, there are still reservations for this. In cases like these, even a loan with a bad credit history can be obtained. In such situations, little attention is paid to the customer’s identity and his history. Therefore, when you find where you can borrow without credit, it is likely to find a place to borrow with any credit history.

Why a registration fee?

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As we mentioned, one of the main reasons for the registration fee is identity verification. Before giving a loan, the creditor must make sure that the person on whose behalf the loan is to be made is actually what they are doing. Otherwise, all parties may find themselves in a lot of discomfort on an equal footing. Think of all the times you have tried to borrow in someone else’s name. Creditors must, therefore, be extremely careful in this area.

However, people can borrow money without having to verify their identity in this way. Instead of a registration fee, the identity of the company that issues the people’s loans is confirmed otherwise, for example, on-demand.

Asking a customer to come to the nearest customer service and prove their identity would be unwise. In this case, online loans would lose their meaning and become regular loans. And it would not even be worth talking about giving loans in 15 minutes. However, asking the customer to retrieve a copy of their ID card is also not an option. Not everyone has the appropriate hardware, which can make it even more complicated in some cases.

Therefore, a simple solution has been found: the customer must transfer the payment from his personal bank account to the creditor’s bank account. In this way, the identity of the customer is assured and the opportunity for a truly personal loan is created.

In most cases, such a fee is symbolic and minimal – just one cent. However, sometimes lenders come up with the benefit and start demanding larger orders. And in such cases, loans without registration fees are in high demand. After all, if you want to get a loan for as little as € 50, paying $ 5 for the original transfer alone is prohibitively expensive. As a result, today, such fast credits are becoming more attractive and in demand.

However, a loan without a 1 cent transfer may be of interest for a variety of reasons. You may not even have one cent in your account at any given point in time for the transfer. Or maybe there are other, personal reasons.

Are all credits free of registration fees for free?

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One thing to keep in mind is that no registration fee credit is the same as a free loan. Yes, such credits do not require an expensive first transfer at registration, but you still have to pay interest on such credits. Meanwhile, the first free loan is completely different. The lender does not have to pay interest, but you may have to pay the registration fee. Therefore, everything depends on the stock offered by a particular creditor and its pricing.

It may also mean that sometimes the two shares are offered by the same creditors. In such cases, you may not have to pay interest or other fees. Therefore, it is advisable not only to obtain the credit without this obligation but also with the said share in order to obtain the credit. Only in this way will you be able to make sure that your instant loan offer is the cheapest in the entire market. Only such loans are completely free of charge, which is why there are not so many offers.

Such a turn of shares is especially in demand among the unemployed. Nowadays credit for the unemployed is not so easy, and when it comes to borrowing without interest and other taxes, it is difficult not to try.

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